Consignment Info

Consignment Information

    If you have items you wish to consign, please call us at (256) 476-8882 to set up an appointment with the owner to review your items for auction. If you have something too heavy or are located out of the area, the first thing you should do is send an EMAIL with photos so we can get a visual of what you have. Once we receive the email, we will review the items and will contact you if it has been approved for consignment. Once it is approved, you can bring the items approved to us, or we can arrange a pickup as long as it is in the Athens/Huntsville/Madison/Decatur area. 

    Our best interest is to get the best and highest bid for your merchandise.

    • All discrepancies must be reported within 5 days.

    • You agree not to sell or remove any property from premises once consigned to EMPIRE AUCTION GALLERY

    • EMPIRE AUCTION GALLERY is not responsible for passed items (item that did not bring an opening bid). 

    • Minimum charge per item of $1.00, sold or unsold.

    • EMPIRE AUCTION GALLERY will take reasonable care and security of merchandise, but will not assume responsibility for damage due to weather or other; theft, selling price or loss incurred by consignor.

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